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My Daily Laugh

This morning my daughter asked me,””what does awkward mean? Is it just a funny way to say backward?”

A Life Changing Brush

I know what you are thinking, what is up with the title of this post?  Can a brush really be life changing?  Well in our house it most definitely can be and it did.  My daughter has beautifully long and curly hair.  We keep it long because when it was short it was even more curly.  The weight of the hair helps to relax the curl.

See, check out her hair when she was younger!

So not only is it hard to take care of beautifully long and curly hair, but it doesn’t help to add in the autism/ADHD factor.  Every day was a pain to get Sassy’s hair done.  It was a time full of whining, crying, screaming, etc.  At least, that was the way it was before THE BRUSH.  I found the recommendation for this brush on another website and figure it was worth a shot.

Tangle Teezer Original Professional Detangling Brush

Now I am not saying that hair time is all smiles and laughter, but the amount of crying, whining, and screaming are almost not there.  This brush is so easy to do her hair with.  It get all of the tangles and her hair is nice and smooth after the brushing.  The smooth factor helps her hair to not be so frizzy when it dries.  I love this brush.  I recommend it for anyone how has a daughter with hair issues.

Summer is here!

Summer is here! My kids are all out of school now. In previous years, my kid’s elementary school was a year round school with a track schedule. This meant my kids went to school year round with scheduled 3-4 week […]

My Daily Laugh – she can’t keep a secret

Today as we were waiting for Sassy’s bus to take her to school she said to me: “What did I do at school yesterday?’

“I don’t know, I wasn’t at school with you,” was my reply.

“I think we made […]

Tangle Toys

Tangle Jr.

I have a great product to share with you today, Tangle Toys. If you have a child with any kind of anxiety problems this cold be a helpful item. I had one of this a while back when my daughter […]

Rules by Cynthia Lord

Click to order from Amazon.com

I wanted to recommend a fabulous book today. The book is called Rules by Cynthia Lord. It is recommended for ages 9-12 but I would say it would be great for 9 and older. I had my two boys read […]

No Shoelaces Allowed

My little Sassy was in need of some new shoes. I saw that the Children’s Place was having a sale online with free shipping. Hello! So I managed to score a pair of really cute pink and white tennis shoes […]

My Daily Laugh

My it’s been I while since I have posted! I really need to find more time to spend here. I got a interesting note from Sassy’s teacher today. First let me explain that her school offers both breakfast and lunch […]

My Daily Laugh

This morning my Sassy belched after eating breakfast.

I said, “Whoa girl!”

She replied,”Is that a long cough?’

I then said chuckling “No honey that’s called a burp.”

Med Free

So the parade of horribles going through my head of what Sassy would be like without her meds was much worse than reality. I was really surprised at how well she was. We did have to add a sleeping med. […]