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Coming Home

It was nice to be home with my baby.  However, we were home with the baby only for a short time when another problem arose.   We were warned that since she was small  that RSV was a concern if she got it.  We were to stay in with her with the exception of going to the doctor’s office.  As the other children got home from school they were to immediately wash their hands and we wore doctor’s masks most of the time we were around her. We tried to get our daughter approved to get the monthly preventative shot for RSV through our insurance.  Our insurance said no because my baby was full term.  The fact the she was so tiny was not enough to get approval for the shot.  We were also giving Sassy some liquid vitamin that the doctor told us to give her.  Since she was so small he said she needed the extra help.

One night I was giving her her liquid vitamins.  Right after this she turned blue.  I immediately turned her over and patted her on the back.  I figured she was gagging on the drops or chocking on them.  I yelled for my husband while in the process of patting my daughters back.  I turned her over and she appeared to be OK.  As I was explaining to my husband what had just occurred, she turned blue again.  I followed the procedure of turning her over and patting her back again.  At this point both my husband and I were concerned and felt we needed to get her to a doctor.

My husband called his parents to come over and watch the boys.  Luckily they live 1/2 a mile away.  While waiting for his father to get to our house, she turned blue again.  When they got to our house,  we loaded the baby in the car.  My husband drove while I sat in the back of the car with Sassy holding a flashlight on her.  I did not want her to turn blue while we were driving.  Luckily the pediatric office we were taking her to was only 1 mile away.

Once at the pediatric facility, they tested her and she appeared to be OK.  However, they were still concerned that she turned blue several times and sent us up to Primary Children’s Hospital to stay overnight for observation.  They also made her ride in an ambulance to the hospital.  I rode with her in the ambulance and my husband followed in the car.  It was very late at night at his point.  Once we got to the hospital, they got us in a room and checked Sassy and hooked her up to monitors.

Then my husband headed home to be with the boys while I stayed at the hospital.  I remember the night to be so long.  I wanted to make sure my husband got home safe so I was waiting for his call.  I also remember getting up several times to nurse Sassy.  I was exhausted but had a hard time sleeping.  I was too concerned about Sassy and if she was alright.  She made it through the night without turning blue.

We were hoping to leave the hospital soon.  It seemed to just have been a problem with giving her the liquid vitamins.  So we were told to stop giving them to her.  While up at the hospital I got a call for my pediatrician’s office.  They had an extra dose of the RSV preventative shot that he was willing to give Sassy.  The only problem is it must be administered within a specific time period.

I talked to the hospital about having the shot brought to the hospital to be given to my daughter.  They said that was not an option.  My pediatrician did not have privileges at their hospital and they do not allow any outside medicine to be administered there.  I asked if it would be possible to leave the hospital to get this done.  They said she was not able to be checked out of the hospital yet.  I asked if it would be possible to leave just to get to the pediatrician for the shot and come back, and I was told that that was not a possibility either.  My daughter was finally going to be able to have this important shot to prevent RSV and there was no way to give it to her.  I was distraught.  There was nothing we could do.  The medicine would not be good to administer by the time we would be discharged from the hospital.

Somewhere after this hospital visit we were going back and forth to the pediatricians office for another reason.  My daughter was not gaining weight.  My pediatrician told me that I need to try and supplement her diet with formula.  During this time she was also vomiting all the time when she was fed by a bottle.  We tried every bottle we could buy to see if it made a difference.  We finally settled on one type of bottle because she was vomiting less, however she was still vomiting.  We then tried a lactose free formula and she did well.  No more vomiting and she started to gain weight.  At this point my doctor said I needed to stop nursing her and feed her only formula.  I was so torn I knew how important it was for her to be breastfeed.  However, breast feeding was not working.  At this point I decided to give her the formula, but still pump in hopes I might be able to breastfeed her soon.

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