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Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

I recently decided to start this blog as a way to share my perspective of being a mother of a daughter with Turner’s Syndrome, Autism, and ADHD.  I figure it will be a good way to show her as she gets older what her life has been like and maybe help others who are in a similar situation.  In order to do this, I must go back to the beginning, when life with Sassy began. Sassy is my daughter’s nickname. She gets the nickname from her attitude, which I think has helped her in this life.

On Christmas evening, we left the boys with my mom and headed over to the hospital. I was going to be induced. I know, I have a great doctor that was willing to come in and induce me late Christmas day.  We were expecting a beautiful healthy baby girl and the doctor estimated that she would weigh around 7 pounds. We had kept the fact that we knew she was a girl from everyone, so they all were in great anticipation of her arrival. My husband and I were so excited, after having two boys we were going to have a girl. Everything went according to plan. I was induced and after a while, given an epidural. I had to hurry and decide if I wanted to get one because they had to call the anesthesiologist in and there was now a snow storm in progress.  I knew I needed on.  I also knew after the epidural was given it wouldn’t be long before our daughter would be born. Every time I get an epidural I progress very quickly. I think my body is finally able to relax.

Our little Sassy came into this world early in the morning, the day after Christmas. The first surprise we had was when they placed her on the scale to weigh her. She came in at 5 pounds 5 ounces, quite small for a full term baby. The doctor told us my placenta didn’t look healthy and that it probably wasn’t nourishing her like it should and that it was probably the reason for her weighing 5 pounds 5 ounces. While she was laying on the scale my husband was checking her out and found another surprise. He pointed out to the doctor and nurse that our daughter had two fingers stuck together. The doctor told us it was no big deal. She had two fingers webbed together and that it does happen a fair amount of times. He also told us it is easily fixed when she is a little older.

After that, we were left alone in our room. My husband, I, and our new little Sassy. She was beautiful. I was a little tired and decided to nurse my Sassy and then try to get some rest. As I was nursing her I noticed that she didn’t quite sound right. She sounded like she still had some mucus or something that needed to be suctioned out of her. My husband went and got the nurse. She came in and said they’d take her down to the nursery and check her out. at this point I was still pretty numb from my epidural and had to stay in bed. So my husband stayed with me while the nurse took her to the nursery.

Shortly after, my mom showed up with my two boys to have them meet their new sibling.  They all were still is suspense as to what the gender was.  We explained they took the baby to clean her out but she would be back soon.  After a little bit, we started to wonder where our baby was. It seemed to have been a while for them to just suction out a little gunk in her. So my husband went to check on her. When he got to the nursery he found out our daughter was having a hard time breathing and was put on oxygen. He came running back to the room to give me the update.

At this point I was distraught and mad I couldn’t leave my bed. I really needed this epidural to wear off.  I needed to get to my baby, not be stuck in a dang bed.  My husband had to be the only one to go and be with her for now.  At this point my memory of a lot of what happened is quite fuzzy.  I remember being told from someone that she had pneumonia and would have to remain in the nursery to be on oxygen and be give iv antibiotics.  I remember feeling numb most of the time.  I would sleep and when it was time to feed my baby, I’d go to the nursery to nurse her.  At some point, we discovered she also had jaundice.  Another problem to add to the mix.

Sassy under the halo for oxygen.

I do remember a sweet nurse who I relied on heavily while in the hospital, her name was Blanche.  Not a hard name to remember.  It definitely was an old fashioned name for someone who appeared to be around my age.  She directed me through the whole process as I was scared and feeling very inadequate and lacking knowledge.

The first time my boys saw their sister was through the glass of the nursery at the hospital.  Blanche made it possible for my boys to eventually be able come into the nursery to see their baby sister.  This was not usually allowed.  They were able to come in with masks on and sanitized hands to see her.

At some point they moved me to a different room, in an empty back corner of the Women’s Center at the hospital.  I think the area was newly finished.  All the rooms around me were vacant.  I look back now and wonder if they put me there so I could be away from all the other mothers there with their healthy babies.

I really don’t remember much of this time except for eating the food that was brought to my room, resting as much as possible to be strong when I took my baby home, and spend as much time as they would let me in the nursery watching my baby work to breath under a round plastic cover that was kept over her head.  We spent somewhere around 5-7 days in the hospital.

Then sweet Blanche asked us why we didn’t take her home to give her the iv antibiotics there ourselves. Because she was now off the oxygen and we could get the lights for the jaundice, we could take her home.  At that point calls were given to doctors, the insurance company, and whoever else we needed to to get her home.  I do remember being scared about giving her the antibiotic through the iv line that was attached to her head.  My husband was ready to do it and I relied on him to make it happen.

It was nice to be home, and to have my baby home.  I felt like we were a (somewhat regular) family now.  I did however still have things I was afraid of.  I was afraid my baby was still not completely well and something might happen.  So I took up residence in Sassy’s room.  We had a crib along with a day bed in her room.  I decided to sleep there to be next to her;  plus then my husband could get a good night’s sleep without being disturbed when I need to nurse the baby.  It was nice to be home.  Little did I know that this was only the beginning of a long road of hard times.

If you look close at the picture you can see Sassy's webbed fingers on her right hand (middle and ring finger).

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1 comment to Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

  • Kirstan

    I follow your food blog and am a fan of yours on Facebook. When I saw this post for your personal blog, I wanted to read, as we also have 3 kids, but its two girls and a boy.
    I felt so led to write to you because of the fact that I have been educating myself for the last year (while i was pregnant with our third) about vaccinations. Our two girls are vaccinated, but our son is not. I have visited numerous websites, and done hours of research to find that vaccinations are harming our children, not protecting them. Because our two girls had SO many health problems and acid reflux on top of it all, we wanted to see if not vaccinating made a difference, and oh my it does. Anyways, Im not here to tell you what to do. But I wanted to say, go check out Mary Tocco, and Renee Tocco. They are friends of mine on my page and they are the ones that have SO much information about vaccines and what they are doing to our babies. It is very sad and now that I know what i do, I will never NEVER put poison in my babies again. I hope that my comment is not offending. Those ladies have so much information on autism etc. I just wanted to share. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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