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My Daily Laugh

My it’s been I while since I have posted!  I really need to find more time to spend here.  I got a interesting note from Sassy’s teacher today.  First let me explain that her school offers both breakfast and lunch with their lunch program.  Sassy takes lunch but not breakfast.  Now that you have this info, here is what the note said.

“This morning before school Sassy asked to go to the bathroom.  After she had been gone for about 10 minutes, I started looking for her but couldn’t find her.  I finally found her at the corner table in the lunch room with a FULL plate of breakfast.  I told her she couldn’t do that again but since she had already taken the food, I had her bring it back into the class room and eat it.  I told her that I was really worried about her.  I also told her that she can’t go to the bathroom by herself anymore.”

So after reading this I proceeded to ask Sassy why she did this.

Her response, “Because I was still hungry and needed more breaktast( that is how she says breakfast)”

I then say,”Well you eat breakfast at home, not at school.  You need to eat more here then so you don’t get hungry.”

“But they had oatmeal,” she responds.

“Well, mommy can make you oatmeal for breakfast if that’s what you want,”  is my reply.

She then asks, “Can you make it taste just like the schools?”

“I’ll try.”

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1 comment to My Daily Laugh

  • Megan Heath

    How can the school’s oatmeal taste better than anything you make??? Oh Ashley – that is exactly where I would have headed tooo.

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