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No Shoelaces Allowed

My little Sassy was in need of some new shoes.  I saw that the Children’s Place was having a sale online with free shipping.  Hello!  So I managed to score a pair of really cute pink and white tennis shoes for $7.64.  I was feeling pretty good about life.

The cute shoes arrived a few says later.  I opened the box and admired the brand new shoes.  Then as I was looking at the shoes it dawned on me that they had laces.  I know you are thing right now – Well, duh?  Shoes have laces!  However, for the past two years I have only purchased shoes with velcro for Sassy.  For a child who has sensory issues and OCD tendecies, to go from velcro to laces is not a good thing.

The infamous shoes with LACES!

So, when Sassy gets home from school I whip out the shoes and get her to admire the beautiful shoes and try them on.  She is so thrilled and excited and wants to wear them now.  I figure we will break them in before school the next day.  Almost immediately the starts to have issues with the laces.  They aren’t tied just right.  The laces have to lay perfectly straight.  Which isn’t too hard to do since the laces are nice and new.

The next morning, Sassy is getting ready for school and she has a little bit of a hard time with the laces, but I send her off to school hoping she just needs some time to get use to them.  When I pick up Sassy from school later that day, the teacher proceeds to tell me about how she has been having issue with the laces and they have to be tied and sit just perfectly on the shoe.  I tell her we will try them and if they become a big issue to let me know and we will have to get other shoes.  She comes home from school and does well.  The shoes seem to be ok.

The next morning we go to put them on and immediately she starts to have a hard time which quickly turns into a full blown MELT DOWN.  The laces aren’t right, the tongue on the shoe isn’t just right, the shoes aren’t tied tight enough.  She is now kicking and screaming and rolling on the floor.  I take the shoes off and tell her we are done with the shoes.  I think to myself, this is just not worth it.  Then she starts to cry and say, “No I love them, I want them!”

I tell her we will find some other shoes with velcro.  She tells me now, “I want laces, just get me other laces”.  I say, “I’m sorry laces just won’t work.”  Surprise, I am now trying to find someone who would love to buy a pair of pink and white girls tennis shoes in a size 13 that have only been worn for 1 day.  Shoes for Sale!  From now on no shoe laces are allowed with Sassy and her shoes.

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