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Summer is here!

Summer is here! My kids are all out of school now. In previous years, my kid’s elementary school was a year round school with a track schedule. This meant my kids went to school year round with scheduled 3-4 week […]

My Daily Laugh

This morning my Sassy belched after eating breakfast.

I said, “Whoa girl!”

She replied,”Is that a long cough?’

I then said chuckling “No honey that’s called a burp.”

Med Free

So the parade of horribles going through my head of what Sassy would be like without her meds was much worse than reality. I was really surprised at how well she was. We did have to add a sleeping med. […]

A new change in direction – prolonged qt

I have wanted to start this blog for 3 reasons. First is to document my daughter’s life through journaling. Second, is the hope that others in similar situations will be able to give information to help my daughter as she […]